Mood board

Wok This Way

Colour Palette

Wok This Way

Wok This Way

Wok This Way is an upcoming restaurant in South Mumbai. Their will serve Wok. The menu has exotic vegetables and sauces. You can choose your own combination and they will make the Wok right in front of you!

We started with A Mood board

Serving fresh, exotic food is their USP. To have a better understanding of the brand we always first take a mood board route. Our challenge was to come up with an identity that will give an elite and fresh tone to the logo. It needed to be different than the restaurants sitting next to their location and it needed to have an ability to get extended into other collaterals of restaurants e.g. packaging, menu, interiors etc. We presented Mood boards. And finalised the one which could cover all the points mentioned above.

Logo Sketches

Wok This Way

Logo Design

A bunch of logo options were sketched, keeping in mind the tonality needed for the brand. Out of these, one is inspired form Cantonese script. Which we believe has an ability to extend it self in other collaterals.

The logo type is accompanied by a symbol. This symbol is taken from a tool used for Teppanyaki, an east Asia cooking method.

 For this project was brought to us by Idea Hub.