Branding HSN – Hercules Sports Nutrition

HSN is a new sports nutrition brand in Indian market. They offer range of protein products. These products, as claimed by client, offer noticeably high protein percentage per scoop, compared to the products available in the market. HSN has mainly three products, Whey Dynamite, Whey Tornado and Xtreme Mass.

Brief by Client

The brief given by client was very clear. For this branding project we needed a strong and clean identity that will stand out in the chaos.

The Approach

Current Indian market of sports nutrition food has a typical style designs/ branding. Those are grungy and very literal. AWWS’s approach was to break that sort of deign trend and give a fresh look to this new brand. We gave the brand an identity, which was bold, and it has a recall value.

Product Packaging

For HSN product’s label design we gave a clean look. This was needed as it is a new product in the market, and it should give a clear information about the quality that consumer will be getting.