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Business habits

You might have heard term hibernation. No, it is not meant for only polar bears. With the current lockdown, it is applicable to all business owners.

Now, there is no excuse for saying ‘I don’t have time to revamp my website’ or ‘I don’t have time to read a book on LinkedIn marketing’ or ‘I don’t have time to learn new business abilities.’

What I want you to realize is, you don’t have the luxury to say, ‘I don’t have time’. Because, whenever things shall start getting back to their new normal, you don’t want to lag behind. Advance smartly and use this opportunity to grab new skills. Even work on a unique business plan to serve this new normal.

I came across an android app Storytel. It is an audiobook app with multiple excellent choices for audiobooks with a small amount of monthly fees. It is a productive way of listening and learning while you do your quarantine errands. What works for me is, simply turning it on early in the morning when I wake up and listen to the book for 30-45 minutes while I finish my morning routine. Give it a try. You might form a good habit.

Famously said by Brain Tracy, “Bad habits are easy to form and hard to live with and good habits are hard to form and easy to live with.” Be attentive about which habits you are forming in this lockdown phase. This will set the tone of your NEXT which comes after the lockdown!

Prajakta Sarfare

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at WhiteWall Studio LLP