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control your website

Are you in control of your own website?

How many times you have scratched your head and wondered about terms like, domain registration, web hosting?  And what in world is cPanel?

These questions will sound confusing to a web novice. Often they turn out to be my clients. Who require branding for their website. These are well organised people, running their own small business and start ups. But, when it comes to website, they are clueless!

If you are one of them; this will help you.

It is okay otherwise to rely on your web guy, for development of your website. But, when it comes to controlling your website, I insist: you should sign up for these accounts,

  1. Domain Registration
  2. Web Hosting ( This is where cPanel comes in )
  3. Website Software; example, if you are using e-commerce service
  4. And Website Themes ( If you are using any ). 

I recommend this article by Arianne Foulks to all my confused friends. It is easy to understand and gives you details of what should you do next.

Stay in control! Cheers!

Prajakta Sarfare

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at WhiteWall Studio LLP

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