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Scenario: I want to hang a masterpiece on the wall of my office. It is expensive to buy Monalisa, rather buying Monalisa of Leonardo Da Vinci is not something I can think about, in my wildest dream. Solution: The next best thing is, to buy a canvas, some oil colours, paintbrushes and I start painting Monalisa. Possibly it will take me a thousand years to make it look moderately close to the masterpiece but I am determined to achieve it.

Soon I apprehend, neither do I have abilities nor nature gifted aesthetic sense.

What should I do? Should I continue being an unskilled artist or should I just hire a professional artist for a new painting? Easy pick, hire a professional. Isn’t it? Then what is happening when it comes to website design?

Tools don’t make you a specialist in the field. Moreover, if you spend time and decide to ride on the learning curve you are still not an expert when it comes to website/app designs. Do yourself a favor and hire a professional UI and UX designer for your website if you are serious about your online presence.


  1. Online website making platforms like Wix, WordPress and so on, are still tools. They are not transferring the years of design and strategy training experience to you. Which only an expert on design has it.
  2. You will not know how to optimise your site for SEO, search engine optimisation, which is responsible for your Google ranking.
  3. A website or an app design is a result of multiple software and tool’s amalgamation. Editing software of images and videos. Professionals have licenses and skills to use them and get fast and best results.
  4. Above all, your competitor who is selling their services or products online gets an aggressive advantage for hiring professional services.

Lucky for you, hiring a UX or UI designer for your website is not as pricey as buying Monalisa. Be professional, focus on your business and do the obvious, hire a professional website designer.

Prajakta Sarfare

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at WhiteWall Studio LLP

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