Keeping it Focused, for making Business

Client: ILX Mail, A business email service provider.

Brief by Client:

An existing product/ service to be launched with added services. We need new website.

What we Listened & Analysed:

This website should standout from rest of the competition. And needs a young tone to it but also, should have a business outlook. We had to keep in mind that this website would serve global client.


Precise with Pixels

We know and understand the fundaments of design. And believe websites should also get benefits of design principles. Every page, element, icon and text has been crafted with bootstrap grid. We use 15 px grid for our User Interface designs.

Crisp & Clear

We know you care for your products and we want your clients to feel the same. Imageries play important role when it comes to creating a grand experience. And we don’t miss out on this opportunity.

All graphic elements, icons and buttons are created in non pixel format ( SVGs. ). It doesn’t matter what is the size of the screen, with SVGs all images will always look crisp and clear on, 27 Inch desktop/ 15 Inch laptop/ retina┬ádisplay (high density) phones.


Adaptive than Responsive

UX and UI has been carefully designed for Mobile view as well as, for desktop view.


Our Solution Process:

To make sure the project is on the track and to keep it on the track, we follow

Sitemap design

Mood-board design


User Interface Design


These three steps are essential for our every project. Our team and client, are equal participants in this process.