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Letting go of an ‘A’ for WhiteWall Studio

Okay. First of all let me tell you, I loved the prefix ‘A’ to my ‘White Wall Studio’. It has the perfect triangle, pointing upward. It is the alpha of alphabets and the beginner of my favourite language’s script. This alphabet, this character, has an impressive portfolio and I love it!

But, I have to let it go.

Yes, I am not happy about it, but this is the only way to register my name; company name.

It is important to choose an acceptable name

It is important to choose an acceptable, name as per, Companies Act, 2013 for companies and Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 for LLPs. According to these guidelines, I had to let go of my ‘A’.

Now, ‘A White Wall Studio’ becomes ‘WhiteWall Studio’! Obviously, the logo changed. But, other than logo, nothing has changed! Our values and culture are the same.

Reason to write all this, is simple. Don’t do what I did. Check and recheck. Before you lock your name.  Confirm the registration guidelines. Check MCA ( Ministry of Corporate Affairs ) website, if the name is available for registration. And avoid extra hassle.

Best of luck and cheers!

Prajakta Sarfare

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at WhiteWall Studio LLP

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